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Why stained glass ?

Staines glass entered in my life as those things that were always there, so close to us and however, they passed inadvertenly. It started like a hobby and all of a sudden it became a real passion. The thing is that stained glass has a sort of mysterious poetry that allures and gets hold of you. And changes you. Nothings as beautiful as stopping in front of staines glass crossed by the mid afternoon sun and feeling that your body is tinted by a rainbow that imbues us whith clarity, peace and serenity.

And even today, over one thousand years after the creation of the first stained glass cannot be produced in series and continues to maintain its nature as a work of handicraft that is unique and that cannot be repeated.

I think that the nobility of glass lies precisely on the fact that it is the only material that makes sense only when it allows light to go through it. And this, obviously, exceeds what is merely aesthetic. It is because of this that beyond any scientific explanation stained glass can remain luminous even in the semi-darkness of dusk.

Y will belive this is so.

Master Marcel Aubert sums up the beautiful mission of stained glass with these words : “In church, in a palace, in a school, in the humblest home, stained glass will make its light play and shed light ; it will erase the sadness of the outside world and will create the inner atmosphere which will comfort the heart and make them opem to happiness.”

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